Edge Program

Middle School can be very challenging for youth now-a-days. With new challenges and obstacles, EDGE provides a safe environment for these teens to express, explore, and grow. They are given opportunities to express their faith, explore what it means to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, and grow in faith and communion with each other. Whether it be taking board games and making them life sized or listening to witness talks by Core Team Members the youth are given the chance to foster a strong foundation for their faith.

It is way more than effective catechesis. It’s a Catholic middle school ministry that helps young people with life’s most challenging years. Youth are said to love Edge because it’s a fun, safe place to spend time with Catholic friends, they get answers to unanswered questions about their Catholic faith, and they get to experience Christ in a profound and personal way. The semesters of Edge focus on Saints, Life in Christ, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Scripture, Social Justice, Prayer, Sacraments, Church, and Creed.