Register Now for VBS 2023: Monday, July 31 – Thursday, August 3, 2023
6 – 8 pm each evening

Saint Thomas the Apostle Vacation Bible School Family Style!

This 4-day evening event will be filled with awesome Bible-learning experiences that the whole family will see, hear, and touch! You will not want to miss this amazing desert adventure.

Families will gather as a group to begin and end VBS each day, then break out into the Level I or Level II program depending on the age of their children.

  • Level I is recommended for children 4 years through entering 2nd grade next fall.
  • Level II is for children entering 3rd through 6th grade next fall.
  • A Nursery will be provided for children under 4 for families desiring that option.

Families can designate another adult to take their kids, or join another family group, if that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What if I have children in both age groups?
Answer: Families who wish to stay together as a crew will be asked to choose whether they will go with Level I or Level II. Or choose both, with one parent going to Level I and the other going to Level II stations. We recommend choosing the level where most of your children would fit into. Or, find another family who will take your child with their family throughout VBS.

2) What do I do with my child(ren) under 3 years old or older than entering the 6th grade?
Answer: We will have a Nursery for children under 3 years old. Any child is welcome to stay with you in your family crew, or be placed in the Nursery. Please keep in mind that the Levels will be geared to the children who fit in that age group. Your older child(ren)/teens are welcome to join your family if they would like or they may volunteer in the Nursery or other station as needed. All participating family members must be registered.

3) What if I have a small family?
Answer: You are welcome to have a small crew, or you may wish to join another small family crew.

4) What is my 7th – 12th grade child going to do if they are not asked to be a volunteer?
Answer: Your child is welcome to stay with you in your family crew.

5) What will you do if it rains or it is too hot?
Answer: We begin and end each day in the Church Lower Level and move throughout our campus for various sessions. If it rains, all outside locations will be moved inside.

6) What if my spouse or I are not able to be participate, but we would like our child(ren) to attend?
Answer: Depending on the number of volunteers available, we may be able to form additional crews of children with VIRTUS-trained adults. Email to inquire.

There is no charge to attend VBS. We just ask families to contribute needed supplies for the program as they are financially able.

Please email if you have any questions.