“Lord, send us your Holy Spirit that we may grow in the strength of your love to the full stature of Christ. Amen”

Confirmation enriches the baptized with the strength of the Holy Spirit so that they can better witness to Christ in word and deed (Catechism of the Catholic Church [CCC] no. 1285). Anointed by the Holy Spirit at Confirmation, Catholic Christians strengthen their bond with the Church and become better equipped to carry out the Church’s mission of love and service.

  • At Confirmation, our faith and membership in the Body of Christ is confirmed, or strengthened.
  • Confirmation connects us to a larger community.
  • At Confirmation, we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Spirit moves us to imitate the love and service of Christ and the saints.
  • At Confirmation, we recommit to participate in the Church’s work and mission.
  • The Holy Spirit inspires us to Gospel action that includes human development and work to end injustice.
  • Confirmation calls us to share Christ’s mission to promote life and dignity.

Confirmation Policy for a student in the eighth grade at Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish

  1. Candidate must be baptized.
  2. Parent(s) must be a registered member of Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish
    (pastoral exception if cleared ahead of time with the pastor).*
  3. Parent(s) and candidate must be regularly attending Mass.*
  4. Candidate must have participated in one academic year of catechesis/religious instruction prior to the year of immediate catechesis/religious instruction and sacramental preparation for Confirmation. (Both 7th grade and 8th grade is considered Confirmation Sacrament preparation.) 
  5. Candidate must select a sponsor who shall actively participate in the sacramental preparation of the candidate. 
  6. Candidate and sponsor must participate in the sacramental preparation determined by the Director of Faith Formation.

Sacrament Preparation Guidelines – Confirmation

Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish and Diocesan policy require that children preparing to celebrate the sacraments must be in a Religious Education program at least one full year prior to immediate year of preparation for a sacrament.

Immediate preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation takes place in the eighth grade. Candidates for Confirmation must be baptized; they and their parent(s) must be a registered member of Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish and parent(s) and candidates must regularly attend Mass. Children need to have participated in one academic year of catechesis/religious instruction prior to the year of catechesis/religious instruction and sacramental preparation for Confirmation. Confirmation Candidates need to participate in all of the sacramental preparation determined by the Director of Faith Formation. This preparation consists of classroom instruction, a parent meeting with candidates from Saint Thomas the Apostle School and Religious Education programs, monthly Sunday sessions with candidates and their sponsors, and an all day retreat with candidates from both groups the day of their Sacrament Mass of Confirmation.

Through the Sacrament of Confirmation, we are more integrally bound to the Church and receive the unique and special gifts of the Holy Spirit. As true witnesses of Christ, the confirmed are empowered to spread and defend the faith by word and deed. The Saint Thomas School and Religious Education programs prepare these young adults to be warriors for Christ, evangelizers of our faith, and moral leaders in our community.