Support Saint Thomas

At Saint Thomas, you can support our Parish community financially through the following means:

1) Enroll in our online giving program, Faith Direct, for an easy way to make offertory contributions.
Faith Direct is the innovative solution that allows you to support Saint Thomas using electronic funds transfers which you control. It’s simple, safe and convenient.
2) Make a weekly or monthly cash or check donation with an offertory envelope.
Call the Parish Office if you are not currently receiving personalized offertory envelopes.
3) Make a contribution from a Charitable Foundation or IRA disbursement.
4) Make a one-time gift to support Saint Thomas and our programs using the Faith Direct program.

Thank you, in advance, for your generous support.

Five Important Reasons to Make Your Offertory Gift Using Faith Direct:

  1. No more checks to write or envelopes to find
  2. 52 Weeks of predictable income to support programs of Saint Thomas Parish and School.
  3. Online control of your offertory giving – including special collections
  4. Reduction of envelope and postage expense for Saint Thomas
  5. Offertory cards enable you to witness your gift of treasure

Should you have any questions about Faith Direct or would like to enroll by phone, you may call (866) 507-8757. The Parish Office at (616) 459-4662 is also willing to assist you with the enrollment process.

About Faith Direct

Faith Direct was selected by our Parish for several reasons, including:

  • For 12 years, Faith Direct has worked with hundreds of Catholic parishes throughout the United States and is recognized as the leading eGiving program.
  • Faith Direct provides the critical third party security needed. This limits the liability for our Parish and keeps your information in secure hands.
  • Faith Direct also offers you personalized offertory cards to replace your envelopes for the collection basket. Payment for events and other non-offertory transactions may also be accomplished using Faith Direct. This will make transactions like Faith Formation fees much easier.