Events from 2020-2021:

Advent by Candlelight 2020 (virtual event): Thank you to all who attended our virtual Saint Thomas Advent by Candlelight. If you missed it, you can see the Advent by Candlelight on our Saint Thomas YouTube page  and hear Lucyna Dieleman’s story of living her faith, day by day. 

World Marriage Day Celebration 2021: An Evening to Honor and Enrich Your Marriage:  Did you miss the event and want to watch it virtually?   Visit our Saint Thomas YouTube page to watch virtually. Click here to access the program. Contact Pam Strobel ( or 616-459-4662, ext. 1203) if you would like to receive more information about couple prayer or to join a six week session on implementing the couple prayer series in your marriage. 

Lenten Mission 2021: Take Courage for I am with You: Hope and Healing as a Way of Moving Forward. Did you miss the event and want to watch it virtually? Watch this event on our Saint Thomas YouTube Channel and check out the Lenten Mission 2021 Program

Racism – An Invitation to Dialogue: Deacon Dean Vernon gave two dialogue sessions using Father Jim’s racism documents as a guide:

Father Jim wrote this special litany:  

 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love – A Pastoral Letter Against Racism

Deacon Dean Vernon recently gave a school talk on cultural awareness — what it is, how we prioritize it in our life, and how we relate to one another from different cultures and priorities.

Shomari Tate, Director of Equity and Multiculturalism at Catholic Central, spoke to parents about social competency. 

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