High School Opportunities:

  • Steubenville High School Youth Conference: A youth conference at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH. A summer weekend experience for high school students to get in touch with themselves and Jesus Christ through praise and worship, adoration, dynamic speakers, and fun skits.
  • DYMO Camp

Middle School Opportunities:

  • NET Ministry Retreat: A ministry team made up of college-age students who come to do day or weekend retreats at a variety of parishes. These retreats are interactive and dynamic ways for kids to find out what a personal relationship with God really means. www.netusa.org
  • Junior High Shine Rally: Join us at this year’s SHINE Rally, Sunday, March 26 from 1 – 6:30 pm. Click HERE for more details on this youth conference held for Middle School students with various keynote speakers, Mass with the Bishop, and an opportunity to experience a day centered on Christ.

No 7:15 am Weekday Morning Mass will be held on Thur. Jan. 26, Fri. Jan. 27, Sat. Jan. 28 (8 am), and Mon. Jan. 30.