Six Tasks For A Lifetime

By Father James Chelich, 1998


In order to learn these Six Divine Arts we have been given our life-span. The only human tragedy is to have lived a lifetime and not entered into their learning and practice. How good we get is not the critical issue. That we have opened ourselves to their learning and practice is. This also explains what souls in Purgation are doing. TO LEARN TO CREATE and to find Joy in it. TO LEARN TO DESIRE RIGHTLY Cultivating a “Holy Desire”: learning to use Freedom to Desire the Good and reject Evil and then learning to use Freedom to make Heaven not Hell. TO BE HEALED AND TO YIELD TO BEING AN INSTRUMENT OF HEALING Coming to grips with Sin, experiencing the Grace of Redemption,walking the Path of Healing, consciously embracing the Redemptive Purpose of our life. TO BE STRETCHED by both opportunity and adversity in the dimensions of our Loving. TO LEARN THE ARTS OF COMMUNION Dying to Self, Listening Deeply, Responding in Life-giving ways. TO LEARN HOW TO BE GOD… through God, with God and in God; rendering the substance of who we are and all we have into love.