Faith – With or Without

Fr. James Chelich
August 27, 2000

Without faith, you see yourself standing alone before the hard realities of the human world.

With faith, you see yourself standing next to Jesus and the power of God is all around you.

Without faith, you have to solve the problem yourself.

With faith, you simply have to do something that moves in the right direction.

Without faith, you see your words and actions move as far as your wisdom and energy can take them.

With faith, you see God multiplying your efforts for the good, thirty-six and a hundred fold. .

Without faith, you see only your own efforts, and grow resentful of those who fail to do what you do.

With faith, you see your actions moved by the Hand of God, and woven with the actions of others into the fabric of justice.

Without faith, you will grow to hat injustice, but it will not stop there. You will grow to hate a multitude of things more.

With faith, you grow to love the life of all things.

Without faith, Justice cannot be attained.

With faith, it is a reality ready to break forth at any moment.