Prayer Page & information about the Prayer Line

Prayer Intentions (updated 6/7)

  • For Teresa S. in Chimbote, Peru, for healing from Covid-19.
  • For Jason Reminga. 
  • For our newly ordained priests, Fr. Daniel Orris, Fr. Michael Goodwin, and Fr. Dominic Couturier.
  • Please keep Martin Simescu in prayer as he undergoes hip replacement surgery June 10. 
  • For all those affected by the riots especially the safety for everyone.
  • For Julie L who is finishing up chemo so she can have surgery for stage four cancer. 
  • For Father Dennis Morrow, who passed into eternal life on Saturday May 16. May eternal rest grant upon him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Information is found on the Diocese website.
  • For a parishioner couple who are struggling with health and caregiving.  That God grants them peace and fortitude in this time of trial. 
  • For Father Ernest Bernott (age 98) passed into eternal life on Wednesday, May 13.  Click here for details of his almost 100 years of life. May eternal rest grant upon him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. 
  • For a deacon aspirant candidate who also passed into eternal life.  May eternal rest grant upon him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. 
  • For Mary Jo Y: biopsy found metastatic cancer in C7 and T2 of her spine. Pray they will find any other places in her body w/cancer and she will be treated 100% accurately w/minimum #of tests and cost.  Total healing in Jesus name, Amen.
  • Richard H., a caregiver and friend: continued faith and growth in your love Jesus. Peace w/past and hope, health NOW & future. Good health to him and lots of sleep. In Jesus name Amen.
  • Bob: that someone will be able to find him a home that will be able to meet his physical, mental, spiritual needs. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Continued prayer for Nancy Poggi and the Poggi family
  • Clark retirement community and retirement facilities
  • Lori’s sister, Cathy, who is working at the VA.
  • Semhar’s 12-year-old niece passed away tragically
  • Joe C’s mother-in-law who is a transition from being moved home.
  • Max B’s hip surgery
  • Emma M’s health specifically finding answers to a low white blood count.
  • For Nancy Poggi who passed into eternal life on Friday, May 8. May eternal rest grant upon her O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.
  • For All: Thank you Lord for all Your blessings and giving all people of the Earth the opportunity to learn and grow in Faith in You.
  • For Cheri: Continued healing 100%, after her neck surgery.
  • For The Whole World and all God’s Creation: Stop the growth of COVID-19 and healing for all SOON! May we all learn more Love, Patience and Peace.
  • For Dick K. (Son of Don K.) who passed into eternal life Thursday, April 23.  May eternal rest grant upon him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. 
  • For Leona (101 years old) who passed away on Tuesday, April 21 in the company of friends, my eternal rest grant upon her and let perpetual light shine upon her.
  • For MaryBeth W. who had gall bladder surgery Tuesday, April 21 and is recovering.
  • For all the homeless people in the world, that they will be protected and loved during the COVID-10 outbreak.
  • Robert N M., grandson of Robert A M. & a grandson who has autism
  • Katherine & Michael’s new baby
  • Brian’s family
  • For all of the healthcare workers who are living on the front lines of this pandemic. (Email names to to add to Father Jim’s list for daily mass)
    • Valeta, Dr. Stacie, Josh, Jessica, M1 Imaging, Jana, Lauren, Alex (& Kris), Janeen, Judith, Natalie, Jackie, Emily, Pete, Trisha, Michael,
  • For our RCIA candidates, Jerry, Kyrsti, and Paula
  • Tom as he recovers from an emergency appendix removal surgery. 
  • Tom V. (and his wife Kathy) who passed away on Saturday, March 28.
  • John R. as he recovers and heals from a hip revision and infection.
  • Mary H. as she recovers from hip surgery.
  • Peter D’s battle with cancer
  • Mary Ann K.’s recovery from a stroke

Prayer Line Information
As a community of faith, we pray for one another and ask for God’s grace and guidance. Some members of Saint Thomas are committed to being part of the Prayer Line Team. The Prayer Line Team faithfully listens and comforts those who request help and intercession through prayer. All prayer requests and additional prayer team members are welcome.

To make a prayer request, call the parish office at 459-4662 or call the Prayer Line Ministry Leader, Liz at 616-451- 4342 or email her at

Jesus, we trust in you!