St. Thomas the Apostle Habitat/Garden Improvements

St. Thomas the Apostle Habitat/Garden Improvements

Our recently formed Saint Thomas the Apostle Knights of Columbus Council completed their first service project Saturday, May 21. It was a great beginning to their service work. They installed a habitat garden along the eastern section of the wood fence adjacent to the parking lot. Many thanks to all the Knights who worked extremely hard to complete the project before the end of the day, and to their families who allowed their absence on a busy and beautiful Saturday: Jamie Boyle, Eric Bridge, Bob Herwaldt, Jim Herwaldt, Jim Milanowski, Sean Parini, Steve Strobel, John Salan, Steve Sumner, Marc Wadaga, Nick Wolfram, and David Yocca.

Thanks also to:

  • Deanna Geelhoed and the Plaster Creek Stewards, who provided the native plants and other materials, and loaned some of the tools;
  • Kristen VerHage VanVuuren, Katerberg VerHage Landscape, who helped us with our excavated materials,
  • Grand Rapids Gravel, who provided the stone,
  • Greenleaf Landscape Supply, who provided the soil amendments (compost),
  • Dottie Yocca, who provided lunch and assisted with planting,
  • God, who supplied near-perfect weather for our event.

Special thanks to Mike VanderHyde from VanderHyde Construction and his family, who supplied equipment to load and haul the excavated materials, and a lot of time/labor.

The habitat garden was made possible through a Sacred Grounds grant sponsored by the National Wildlife Foundation. If you are interested in learning more about the Knights of Columbus and/or participating in future service projects, please contact Nick Wolfram

Daily Mass will NOT be held on Tuesday, June 6 (7:15 am). Weekday Mass will resume on Thursday, June 8.