Long-Range Planning and Annual Report

In Fall 2013, we began creating a five-year, long-range plan for Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish. This plan, facilitated by Sue Haas-Williams (parishioner) of the Williams Group and the Pastoral Council, included Saint Thomas parishioners’ responses as to how we are succeeding as a parish.

We first asked all Saint Thomas members to participate in an online survey. The questions included parishioner demographics (age, marital status, time at Saint Thomas, etc.), parishioner involvement, perceived important Saint Thomas ministries, Saint Thomas school, and participation in Mass and other gatherings. We collected the responses and published them online.

Then the Pastoral Council, Pastor and Sue Haas-Williams analyzed the responses to identify critical concerns. These would be the basis of our new plan. We held two long-range planning meetings, which were open to all parish members, to revise our five-year, long-range plan. In January 2014, we finalized the critical concerns for Saint Thomas. And in February 2014, we finalized the Long-Range Planning Map. Check out the documents below for more details about our Saint Thomas Long-Range Plan:

Annual Report: Please check out our 2020 Parish Impact Report.