Funeral Ministry

FuneralLuncheonTeamThe Funeral Luncheon is a Christian Service ministry to support to families who have lost a loved one. Lorraine Forth, Pat Davis and Jill Skinner were introduced to the ministry 20 plus years ago and continue to be involved in coordinating the luncheons today. The ministry group believes it’s important to greet families and friends in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. “The Funeral Luncheon is a celebration of LIFE and it’s a privilege to be there for the family.” says Lorraine.

The Luncheon offers a meal, fellowship and an outpouring of support by:

  • Helping grieving families ease their sense of sadness without the worry of having to feed guests.
  • Providing families with a sense of community, knowing others care for them, which can at times, be even more nourishing than the meal itself
  • Allowing parishioners the opportunity to serve God through one another in ministry

Ministry members feel a real sense of camaraderie and form life-long friendships while working in the kitchen and dining room together. “It’s a nice way to connect with friends and share the love of Christ!” says Jill Skinner.

The majority of ministry members are 70+, which may be challenging when there happens to be several funerals in the same week. Last year there were 33 Celebrations of Christian Burial at Saint Thomas. Additional ministry members are needed to assist with food preparation, kitchen help, dining room set up, and cleanup. You can also support the ministry by requesting to be on the CALL List and agree to drop off a salad or dessert before a funeral begins. Contact Lorraine Forth at 616-451-0197 or Ruth Mattone at 616-363-6527 for more information.