Food Pantry

052The Saint Thomas Food Pantry provides temporary food assistance to individuals and families in our community. Unexpected emergencies happen and, at those times, we are prepared to reach out in Christian Service and support. In the past year alone, we have assisted more than 60 families in need of food.

If you need food assistance, please call the parish office at (616) 459-4662.

Volunteers for this ministry pick up food donations left at the church entrances and take them to the pantry, located in the Ministry Center basement. They mark expiration dates on all food items and shelve the items so that parishioners and neighbors in need can visit the pantry for additional food.

Volunteers work three to four times a year and are asked to check the church twice a week during their assignments. There is a 30-minute training session provided by the ministry leaders. Volunteers may work alone or in pairs. This is an excellent opportunity for families or individuals who would like to help feed the hungry and support our parish food pantry ministry. If you are interested in becoming a food pantry volunteer, please contact Ardelle VanBragt at (616) 451-0805.

“Prayer in action is love, and love in action is service.”
~ Mother Teresa