Eucharistic Adoration

Due to COVID, the weekday Adoration has been postponed. Please stay tuned to when we can return to this ministry.

Noon Holy Hour and Rosary with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Every weekday, we hold an hour of adoration in the church. We pray the Rosary at 12:20pm. We welcome anyone who is interested to join us for all our part of any Holy Hour.

Environment Preparers prepare the church, light candles, place the Blessed Sacrament Host in adoration on the altar 10 minutes before noon, as well as close after the noon hour. The Environment Preparers also lead the Rosary on their scheduled day. Drop in any day to be a participant or call/email to volunteer to lead a day or be on our substitute list.

Time: Noon–1 PM, Monday–Friday