Christian Service

Office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8am – 3pm

Welcome to Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish! There are many ways to grow in faith and love as the body of Christ. I am grateful for the opportunity to glorify God through ministry with you. It continues to deepen my relationship with Christ and for that I am eternally grateful! As Christian Service Director, I am often asked what my job entails. Before I explain, I thought it might be helpful to define what Christian Service is.

Christian Service is a response to the Gospel call to bring forth the Kingdom of God and to minister to the poor, vulnerable and marginalized in society…like Jesus did, like the disciples were called to do after the resurrection, LIKE WE ARE CALLED TO DO TODAY! Through our Baptism, we are commissioned by God to be Disciples of Christ and live out his mission here on earth; motivated by the love of God and neighbor, inspired by the Holy Spirit (Confirmation) and sharing in the Eucharist as the Body of Christ. Christian Service ministry provides opportunities for parishioners to live out their faith actions exemplifying the Corporal Works of Mercy (Matthew 25) and Catholic Social Teaching (Commandments and the teachings of Jesus) so that together we share the love of God and transform the world!

My responsibility is to assist you in your desire to know and love Christ through ministry to others as you strive to fulfill your mission as a disciple of Christ. I love my job! At Saint Thomas, Christian service encompasses a wide variety of ministries that include Hospital and Funeral Ministries, Social Justice Advocacy Group (SJAG), Angel Tree Program, Prayer Line, Thanksgiving Day Dinner, Simple Soup and Stations, Direct Service (financial assistance for rent, utilities, and other monetary needs), Food Pantry, International Partnerships, Christian Service Advisory Group, Respect Life, God’s Kitchen Lunch Team, Habitat for Humanity partnership and the Congregational Partnership Program. I provide the pastoral support and guidance, you provide the desire and the willingness to serve!

I think you’ll agree the benefits of serving God through ministry go beyond an act of kindness or feeling good about ourselves. Through prayer and discernment, ministry opens are hearts to the crucified Christ so that we may experience the Risen Lord! When we serve others, we serve the Lord and grow deeper in our relationship with Christ. Ministry supports our worship and parish life. Ministry is an excellent way to connect with other members of our community and grow in faith and friendships. Ministry provides opportunities to learn more about other organizations like Habitat for Humanity and God’s Kitchen that respond to broader community needs. Ministry is good for the family in modeling the importance of discipleship to our children…it can spark rich conversation about what our faith teaches us and why. Through prayer, worship, the sacraments and ministry we serve each other, the body of Christ, and live out God’s command to love one another as God has loved us…through his life, death and resurrection! Alleluia!

Go therefore, and make disciples of all the nations…Teach them to carry out everything I have commanded you. Matthew 28:19-20

Contact Lori Fedewa, Christian Service Director for more information. Call Lori at 616-459-4662 Ext.1220 or email Lori.