Christian Service Outreach Grant

As a community of faith, we do the work of Jesus Christ and make his Kingdom visible in our midst. We are the city on the hill that hears the Gospel call and shines forth the light of justice for all to see. Thank you for your commitment to serve as a body of Christ and support others in their time of need.

Every year Saint Thomas tithes 5% of the parish collection to support organizations that provide services to the most vulnerable in our community and beyond. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! The dollar amount of our outreach grant distribution varies, depending on how much is collected, but typically we contribute over $60,000 annually to support local and global needs.

We maximize the impact of our giving by diversifying our partnerships:

  • 3% of collections to ESPERANCA. Their mission is to provide sustainable disease prevention, education and treatment in developing countries. Visit their website at
  • 1% of collections to HOPE FOR HAITI. Their mission is to ensure access to education for 10,000 school age students in Haiti every year; their website is
  • 1% of collection to local grant distribution. Grants are made to Grand Rapids area organizations who assist people in need, providing opportunities for our parish to connect, learn, grow and engage in our apostolic work.

Any Kent County non-profit direct service organization may qualify for a Saint Thomas Christian Service Outreach Grant. The organization must:

  • Be a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Have been in operation for at least 5 years.
  • Provide financial information.
  • Be in conformity with the values and principles of our Catholic faith.
  • Use the Christian Service Outreach Grant for direct service to people in need (medical care, food, housing, clothing, transportation, etc.).
  • Prohibit the use of the Christian Service Outreach Grant for the purpose of endowments or reoccurring entitlements.

If you know of an organization that does good work and provides direct services for those in need, consider submitting a grant request on their behalf. Email the Christian Service Outreach Grant Request Form to Lori Fedewa, Christian Service Director. The Christian Service Advisory Group meets quarterly to distribute funds and advise and evaluate Christian Service ministry process and programs. Call Lori at 459-4662, Ext. 1220 for more information. Thank you.