Children with Special Needs

Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish offers a warm welcome to persons of all abilities in our Religious Education Program classes. We are committed to working with parents/guardians to make necessary accommodations in programs that will allow your son/daughter to participate as fully as possible in the life of our Church.

Children with disabilities benefit the most when parents and catechists form a partnership. To assist these children in their faith formation, our volunteer catechists need to be informed about their special needs whether they are cognitive, developmental or learning disabilities; physical limitations due to a long-term or even a short-term illness, vision or hearing loss, autism, ADD/ADHD, or emotional challenges.

When informed, our parish catechetical programs have the ability to modify lesson plans or to recruit support personnel. Parents are asked to provide us with all helpful information about each child by completing the individualized student information form before classes begin.

Children with special needs are welcome in our programs. We will work with parents to create a plan utilizing the resources Saint Thomas can reasonably offer. We believe that all members of Christ’s body have gifts to share.