Parish Resource Library

book and globeWelcome to the Parish Resource Library! Yes, a library….located in the Church Lower Level/Room 3…with books (both donated and new) on many various topics with a Catholic/Christian emphasis that are designed to enrich faith and family life as well as to heighten awareness of social and moral issues; with music CD’s, Children’s DVD’s, books on life issues, books on tape, Father Jim’s teachings and his Advent & Lenten study books, Papal Documents, our Holy Fathers, Theology of the Body, Health, Wellness & Aging, and much, much more.

You are invited to take advantage of the varied opportunities for checking out the wide range of resources available. Our fabulous Library volunteers have been working hard this summer to give the Resource Library a makeover, so to speak, so that you will have the most current and contemporary resources to choose from.

Please know that you are welcome to come down after Mass, (coffee, donuts, and books anyone?) or during the week, to check out the Parish Resources. Contact Patti in the Faith Formation Office for more information: 459-4662 ext 1209 or email

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Library

How to Check out Materials

  1. Remove the Title card from the pocket in the item.
  2. Write the Due Date in the DATE column.
  3. Write your name and phone number in the ISSUED TO column.
  4. Place the Title card in the check-out box.
  5. Take a yellow check-out card and write the Due Date on it.
  6. Place the yellow check-out card in your item (for your reminder).
  7. Please Return items in a timely manner.


  • All items leaving the library must be checked out.
  • The person checking out an item is responsible for its timely return and condition. Adult family members are responsible for items checked out by their children.
  • Thank you!